VRK Lab GmbH
The firm VRK Lab GmbH was founded in 2013.

The purpose of establishing the firm VRK Lab GmbH was to realize the accumulated potential in creation of medical devices, development of technologies for their production, as well as the development and creation of equipment for the realization of these technologies.

The medical devices created by the firm VRK Lab GmbH are marketed both under the company's own brand and under other brands.

One of the activities of the firm VRK Lab GmbH for the placing on the market medical devices under its own brand is a production of powders for air polishing technology or as it is often called air-flow technology. In particular, prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®, PROFIFLUSS®-M, PROFIFLUSS®Pearls were placed on the market under own brand of the firm VRK Lab GmbH.

Naturally, the creation of new medical devices is impossible without a deep study of the processes and technologies for the use of these devices. Based on this, the firm VRK Lab GmbH carried out in-depth research into the air polishing technology. As one of results of these studies, it was found, in particular, that the abrasive ability of the water-powder-air jet depends not only on the powder used, but also on the parameters of the handpiece and the parameters of the dental unit. This and other research results have been transformed into practical guidance, which can be found here:

A practical guide
to setting up dental units

Also, as a result of these studies, were created new multi-fractional powders PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX. A description of these powders can be found here:

Prophylaxis powders

In addition to technologies related to air polishing, the firm VRK Lab GmbH owns other technologies for the production of medical devices. For example, here you can see a video related to the technology of etching gel production.

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